Tube & Pipe Profile Forming

Unifab for complete plastic fabrication services
Formed Plastic Pipe - It All Adds Up

The advantages of using formed plastic pipe, rod or profiles - or of using flexible tubing are many: Fittings and clamps that can be eliminated lessen cost, installation time and the likelihood of leaks. Most formed or flexible plastic materials maintain close tolerances during and after being manufactured. Modern forming equipment and industry standard procedures result in bends and cuts without deformation or flaring, resulting in easy assemblies and installations for you or your customers. At Unifab we're happy to run your prototypes, along with orders of from a few to even tens of thousands of pieces!

  • Rigid Pipe Sweeps
  • Flexible Formed Tubes
  • Belled Ends
  • Bent Rods
  • Bent Profiles
  • Heat Bending
  • Cold Forming
  • Tubing forming
Formed Extruded Plastic

Formed extruded plastic pipe, rod, and profiles - along with flexible plastic tubing - can be made to fit almost any design shape. The advantage of plastic components is their ability to hold their predefined dimensions, even in the harsh working environments they're sometimes designed for. We're equipped to handle plastics of all kinds, allowing buyers and engineers the flexibility to select from the many families of plastic. At Unifab, we fabricate them all!